Monday, August 24, 2009

Vordr-Vordr MLP

Fansite(I Believe)
Label:Obscure Abhorrence Productions
Release Type: LP, Cd
Genre:Black Metal

2009 sees the consistent Vordr with yet another spoonful of spiteful black metal.With imagery alluding to nature and blissfully romantic seclusion. Vordr through basic means, perform honest, cold, and heartfelt black metal not without a touch of punk. Straying from production magic, or anything beyond the typical guitar, vocals, drums, and bass, Vordr proficiently capture
the true spirit of black metal and entrance the listener in some of the most authentic black metal around.Vordr portray honest to Odin black metal that seeks to impress no one and to reach no set bar or expectations.

Vordr maintain their typical rough, but completely audible production style that suites them extremely well. The guitar sequels out feedback and hisses as the vocals shriek and echo, the drums offer a solid base, but are a bit lacking(in terms of punch)and the bass is there, humming in the background. This simple means of production further emphasizes Vordr's ethos and methodology. Creating a strikingly plain sound allows the tortured vocals to really stand out
and the moments of brilliance to shine through. Often a change like at forty seconds into the first track pulls the listener in and offers a melody through the harsh production and tone of the guitars that really makes a connection.

"Vitterlicht" offers a slower, more somber sound that Vordr do very well; it also offers a nice break from the more intense tracks. "Weeping The Seas" carries the same kind of dirge pace and vibe and even showcases echoed clean vocals that come off quite powerfully and chilling.
The drum work is always an enjoyable portion of the music, as it helps the guitars and vocals flow perfectly and really create a sensation of wholeness.While their sound isn't strikingly unique,
I can't really think of any band that sounds too similar except maybe Prevalent Resistance who shares a band member (and is quite good as well).

Vordr embodies a rejection of modern culture and all forms of mass organization, individualistic both in spirit and in actions, Vordr hearken back to the olden days of black metal as an outburst of emotion rather then some fashion statement or fad. While not as strong as their first two full lengths, this mini-LP is still quite excellent and worthy of the Vordr name. Defiantly buy if you can afford the shipping or are a European, as their releases seem to be collector items. A good place to start, and even a good black metal band for newbies to black metal to check out.

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William Wren said...

like the style of those covers

Gravemarker said...

The third track in the file is corrupt. :(

Flesh Monolith said...

I'll reupload shortly, odd as it works fine.