Friday, July 23, 2010

Mammoth Grinder- 2010 Tour Cassette

Band Myspace
Released: Summer 2010
Release Type: Cassette,only sold at shows I believe
Label: Nuclear Solution

So last week was a good week for me in terms of shows. I was able to catch Salome with Landmind Marathon on Tuesday, then come Thursday I got to see Mammoth Grinder, Concussion, and two others who weren't bad. Salome were amazing, and Mammoth Grinder were just tons of fun. For Mammoth Grinder I was too close so the PA was behind me and because of that I never really heard any vocals.The energy, and song selection made it an awesome gig (even did a Terrorizer Cover, "After World Obliteration" I think: can't go wrong).

So I picked this up, along with The Impalers cassette (( a blackened Motorhead-esque band featuring Chris (guitars of Mammoth Grinder/Hatred Surge) and Mike (drums for Hatred Surge) I believe. It's something I'll probably post later)). Anywho, what I've heard of Mammoth Grinder always seemed good, but never really struck me, this cassette however, alludes to an awesome future for the band. I'm lacking track titles as the cassette gives none but simply says:

Tracks 1-3 from upcoming split with Hatred Surge on Cyclopean Records
Tracks 4-5 from 'Obsessed with Death 7"' sing on Hell Massacre Records
Track 6 from 'In the Year of our Lord: A Tribute to Rorschach'

That being that, the one track I know for sure is track 5, which is a is a cover of Venom's "Welcome to Hell" which is superbly done. The tracks from the upcoming Hatred Surge split are reminiscent of early 90's death metal, which I love. Things stomp around at a midpace tempo that is just begging for you to headbang to, not to mention that brutal half time shift in the first track at 1:40- trust me, this was great to hear live. I don't know Mammoth Grinder too well, but this seems like a bit of a departure as things for the most part are kept around a mid tempo with short blast beats and d-beats to be found. For the most part sounds like a d-beat influenced 90's Swedish death metal band.

One thing I can't applaud them enough for is their Venom cover. Some bands do too faithful of a cover, which seems pointless as I could just hear the original then, and some bands like Mammoth Grinder incorporate the basics and make it their own. The vocals are in a gruffer Lemmy style and the tone is a lot heavier than Venom could ever fathom; there's even a blast beat. I'd say this is worth the tape alone. Speaking of covers, the Rorschach cover is great too. I don't know Rorschach too well (in fact I'm not much of a fan of their stuff) but this track is badass.

This is a nifty little item, if you can catch them on tour defiantly pick this thing up. I've tried my hand at ripping it, the quality seems a bit skewed, but not by much.

Tours dates can be found at Cyclopean Record's website as well as some merch.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Official Myspace
Label: Relapse
Released: 2010
Release Type: Vinyl 12" 105 White, 105 Clear (not released to public), 556 Black
Genre: Hardcore/Sludge

I've been pretty busy, and I can assume the same for the rest of the GJ crew. I'd love to see 206 drop in and give some of his grindly insight into the goings on of today, because frankly I'm out of the loop. That being said one of the only recent non-Thou things I've gotten is Weekend Nachos's new ep Bleed, something I had been waiting for since last year when Unforgivable stopped spinning its first time on my turntable.

If you've dipped into our back catalog of reviews and commentary, or if you're a faithful follower you should know how I feel about Weekend Nachos. Their second full length, and reinvention that is Unforgivable made me forever a fan. Bleed is odd in terms of its direction not just because it sounds nothing like their older material, but because it's a strangely logical continuation of Unforgivable.

The band's affinity for heaviness and brutality is what's on the mantel here. Bleed is 14 minutes of leisure time hardcore. The thing starts off at a crawl, resembling some of the beatdown parts of Unforgivable but ultimately sounding more like a sludge band than anything else. John's vocals are as tough as ever, bludgeoning the listener with very bark. It's not so far fetched coming from this band, but it feels like unnatural ground for them as John's vocals lack variation this time around (no background shouts either) not to mention the guitars play what seems like the same handful of riffs throughout both sides of this LP and there's only one mid/up tempo section.

I like it, but I think I expected something more. Bleed comes off very underwhelming in comparison to last year's best album. Further from that, if this ep was from another band I can't say I'd give it too much attention. What I said about uncertain ground really comes out in the second track "Observer" as it's about 7 minutes of the same refrain broken up by some crashing noises that remind me of the beginning of Dopesick (maybe that's the point?) and slight shifts. It's an attempt at being heavy that falls flat.

Overall I'd say it's worth the purchase if you're a big Weekend Nachos fan, if you're on the fence then I'd save your money for when they visit your town or their next offering which will hopefully be a bit more developed.

Here's a DL thanks to Harsh Distractions. And of course, if you like it buy it here.


p.s. Oh, and Maryland Death was awesome. Here's a late and quick summery.

The Good:Gorguts, Aspyhx, Impaled, Capitalist Casualties, Portal, Converge, Malignancy, Magrudergrind, DRI, PLF (the whole prefest was awesome).

The Bad: Entombed played a lot of dad rock, I think only two tracks from Left Hand Path, not to mention only one guitar. Trap Them/Sodom/Stormcrow and others didn't make it. Expencive beer/food, things I wanted sold out too quickly, some bands must have forgotten their merch (Gridlink I'm looking at you). Waitan, boring on cd and somehow more boring live. Missed most of Obituary to see Converge, I was too far back and they were a bit underwhelming.

The great: Coffins, then after show with Coffins and Massgrave playing till sunrise. Incantation, Wolfbrigade, Repulsion (awesome pit, lots of cuts and brusies from that one alone), From Ashes Rise,Gridlink, Eyehategod (although the setlist was a bit lacking) Autopsy!! and I'm sure there's something else I'm forgetting. Being told Jeff couldn't make it for Possessed, then hearing Sadistic Intent playing Burning in Hell and seeing ol' Jeff wheelin' around- awesome. Jesus Crost we're a great surprise, and super nice guys too. Awesome way to blow 200bucks, hopefully I can go next year.