Monday, August 17, 2009

Suppurated - Split with Insane Assholes

Suppurated MySpace
Release: 2009
Label: Grindpromotion
Type: CD

Suppurated is a multifaceted gore-influenced grind machine. For the most part they like to groove in the Mumakil and razor-grind era Leng Tch'e fashion. Another side of them enjoys a slathering of brutal/slam riffs. The final, less explored side consists of double picked riffs as fast as the drummer can blast. The combination, in itself, is far from new. In fact, an astute gore fan would note that this sounds a lot like a band they cover: Haemorrhage.

Suppurated is also keen on quick tempo changes. This is their most distinguishing element. In some cases this involves good riffing progression; they like to play a brutal, palm-muted riff and then switch up to a double-picked or a grind variation. On other occasions they just arbitrarily change, which gives their riffs a lack of cohesion. An example of this is in track three, "Sadomasokiller!" The song changes in tempo and riffing style so frequently it's like it was cobbled together. Taken individually the riffs are solid - so this is not a complaint more than an observation. Besides, they at least make good use of drumbeats and percussive rhythms to tie everything together.

The track list starts out in the same manner as a full-length: quick sample followed by a long, mid-tempo instrumental introduction that progresses into a frenetic ending. The real taste of what the band has to offer comes on track two, the wonderfully Engrish-entitled, "Take Flesh By Wild Boars." The grooviest, most head-banging song is also their longest, "Frank vs Andre The Giant." But after the Haemorrhage cover things start to get repetitive, with the riffs and theme of "Propulsive Mass Power" being a reprise of the intro.

So overall, Suppurated are a talented band (if not straightforward) and their songs are entertaining. But there is a problem. And I will be the first to admit it is a personal one: the final song. "You Reek Like A Showgirl" is listed as a 4:45 track - but there is only 47 seconds of music. After the burst of music ends we get what can only be properly referred to as junk for about 30 seconds. Then follows roughly two minutes of silence that is rounded off by a 1:45 diatribe by a terrified Italian. Why? Couldn't they write some filler, or reprise two or three more songs? Or just end with the flurry? As it stands, the finale is a big downer.

I am still glad I own this. I just wanted more music from Suppurated and I don't think I'm being cruel for saying it. This is, however, just the opinion of a guy who prefers straight-up grind - so take it with a grain of freeze-dried kidney powder. You are encouraged to check it out for yourself here and if you like it, to buy it here. It stands up to what Relapse and Willowtip are trying to sell you; and you get 19 minutes of Insane Assholes.

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