Monday, August 10, 2009

Gridlink- Amber Grey

Official Site
Released: 2008
Label: Hydra Head Records
Release Type: Full Length, CD
Genre: Grindcore

After hearing that Gridlink are to play Maryland Deathfest for this up coming season I simply couldn't contain myself. Discordance Axis main man and vocalist Jon Chang strikes back with Gridlink's hyperfast, amazingly short release which clocks in just under twelve minutes. Disappointing that this is all there is, no idea how they play a show, but what they showcase here is brilliant.

Gridlink blaze through each track, Brian Fajardo of Kill the Client fame carries out an astonishing performance behind the kit, showing up Dave Witte if you ask me (although I'm still a huge fan of his). The drums never let up, yet break the mundane nature of hyperfast blasting with great fills, cymbal work, variances of beats and a slew of other tricks. A friend told me the only thing to be triggered on this album were his bass drums, which is excusable.

Gridlink achieve ferocious and powerful grindcore with a flurry of ear catching riffs and little moments that are easy to retain and completely awesome. The guitar work is inventive and top notch, a real pleasure and departure from typical grind riffs. Labeled by some as technical grind, it's simply grindcore with interesting guitar work and song writing. The Jenova is an outstanding track and has such a great ending, the beginning of Black is jaw-dropingly awesome, as is the whole album; jesus christ.

Chang's vocals are spot on, while there's a lack of his lower registry, the scathing vocals work perfect and project so much intensity, spot on. Even the lyrics and artwork are particularly good.
The production allows the guitars to really carry a punch as well as highlight the vocals and drums. Can't really think of too many comparisons to this album, maybe if The Inalienable Dreamless had a better production, was shorter, and contained lots of riffs.

Overall each musician nails their job perfectly, standout performances from each member. This is one of the best grind albums I've heard in awhile, a shame it's so short, but then again both Assuck LPs are like 15 minutes and those are both amazing. Chang and co. know exactly what they're doing; worth a shot for any fan of extreme metal or even punk.

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Andrew Childers said...

i've missed gridlink a couple times now. that's one of the few bands that would drag my old ass back out to a show.

206 said...

Nice review mate! The only thing I did not like about Amber Grey was the 12 minute running time.

Flesh Monolith said...

Yeah pissed i've missed them as well, more of an excuse to not let MDF pass away.

Axel Sikth said...

I actually appreciate the short length. Any longer and it would've been too intense for me. Short and potent is the way to go for Gridlink.

Flesh Monolith said...

According to their myspace a second lp is in the works, and will be released as a packaged deal with aber grey, both on vinyl. Amber grey will have side A be the orignal take, and side B will feature two guitarists and bassist. Really looking foward to this. Chang also might be doing a box set which Hydra Head would be too expensive, so he said he might put it out himself.

A lot to look forward to this year, supposedly it's due out in 09

Unknown said...

This albums is amazing, and I'd love Chang to DIY a boxset. I'd cum so hard.

Anonymous said...

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