Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Extortion - Terminal Cancer

Extortion Myspace
Release: 2009
Label: Shortfuse/Way Back
Release Type: EP; 7"

With Flesh Monolith and 206's recent takeover, I sincerely hope you guys haven't gotten bored of fast and noisy shit, because here is some more fast and noisy shit coming right at you. Powerviolence from down under, Extortion is the sound of four sadistic maniacs tearing your house down from the basement up with nothing but their instruments and a whole fuckton of fury. Unrelenting, unforgiving, and untouchable. Any further description is extraneous and unnecessary, and will only fail to capture the essence of this monster. Prepare to get destroyed.

A Note: As far as I know, this release is sold out, hence the absence of a purchase link. If anyone finds a link to a distro that still has this in stock, tell me!