Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spewtilator-Thrash N Splash

Official Mypsace
Label: Reaper's Grave
Released: Nov 2009
Release Type: CD-R, Tape. Demo
Genre: Thrash Metal

So what do sharks, Slayer parodies, and thrash have in common? They all kick ass. Atlanta's own bastard thrashtards seriously Slay(HA!) here with their first release, aptly titled Thrash N Splash. The cover of the tape says it all, from the retro flipped hat, to the bong hit and munchies, and to the shark just tryin' to relax, Spewtilator are all about having a good time.

This short demo starts things off with an homage to one of my favorite Slayer songs, Altar of Sacrifice, of course here it's a tasty Snackrifice. The production's raw as hell and feels very live, something I'm a fan of, yet the riffs and drums standout just fine, as well as the vocals (unfortunately the bass falls to the wayside). There's a very one take feel with the band and I really appreciate that. The riffs are excellent thrash riffs that jump from fast to hyper speed. Picture Slayer teaming up with Repulsion and you've got Spewtilator. From the great traded vocals much like Impaled, to the catchy thrash riffs to the hyper speed grind sections and everything in between Spewtilator kick dick. "D.O.T.D" is easily my favorite song as the riffs are menacing and catchy and the interjection of slower parts in between the midpace thrashing is awesome.

The only real complaint I can give is the production, as it's obviously louder in the left channel than right, and I really don't know what to chalk that up to. I listened with my tape player, in a friend's car, with my expensive headphones, with my cheap headphones and still no difference. And while the music is exceptionally awesome, such a misstep is hard to avoid.

If you like your thrash heavy, rough, and violent this is for you. Promising for a painful and delightfully energetic live show, Spewtilator kick major ass with this one. Unlike many modern thrash bands trying to play off the retro fad going on now, Spewtilator actually kick ass and rework the gimmick to a perfect mixture of originality and tribute.

For fans of old Slayer, Ghoul, Infernal Stronghold, and Sharks. These guys better make their way to New York so I can thrash myself stupid.

Buy it directly here from the band for only 5 bucks; c'mon.



206 said...

This sounds like something I should look into.

Unknown said...

Love the raw feel of these songs. Spend the five bucks, people. The King needs to review this. Sounds like something he would appreciate.

Anonymous said...

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