Friday, December 11, 2009

Hatred Surge- Deconstruct

Label: Rescued From Life Records
Release Type: LP, CD
Genre:Power Violence

Honestly I don't know how we at CJ skipped this one, I mean Hatred Surge is just as big of a house hold name as Insect Warfare or any of these other U.S. grinders, blasters, violencers, or whatever you wanna call them. Frankly I feel silly. Here we see Hatred Surge deliverer the goods with their first full length, although in all honesty it feels a lot like an EP or MLP, but whatever I Like Hatred Surge enough to not give a damn.

For those of you out of the loop Hatred Surge incorperate a thick and super heavy guitar/bass attack, thudding drums and some awesomely voracious vocals. The duo of voices that is Mr. Alex Hughes and Ms. Faiza Kracheni, absolutely rip; of course I'm a sucker for female vocals like these paired with power violence and the like, but still; dope. What they deliever are powerful and memorable music that's completely unforgiving. The thick plucky bass and shouted vocals in gang fashion that show up around end the record carry that old punk vibe perfectly and act as an appropriate closer. The vocal delivery is one of Hatred Surge's best assests, from all the stuff I've heard by them (Insect Warfare split, Endless Blockade split, S/T ep) the vocals always stand out and have me shouting away and kicking all kinds of things across the room, it's no different here.

Whilst kicking shit around in my room, the "surge" (too good a word to describe the band) from song to song is flawless. Punky sections to out of the blue blast beats, to dismal sections of feedback and pounding drums Hatred Surge are a seamless act. They encapsulate flow so well, each song leads to another perfectly and the rhythmic shifts promise for a satisfying live show. The combination of a sludgy guitar tone, as well as stylings of the aforementioned genre works so perfectly (see the first track) in comparison with the ultra stupid as fuck fast blasting.

Hatred Surge does the scene proud with another reliable and highly enjoyable release. They're still kickin' the same kinda vibe they've been doing for a bit (although I see some Mind Eraser seeping in more obviously) but this is their first full length and I can hardly blame them for that.
Blast this loud, blast this proud, put the thing on repeat and spazz out for as long as you can.

Take a gander here, buy here.

On a completely unrelated note I haven't been able to stop watching this video. I'm an instant fan after seeing this. Check their myspace, the banter between them and Graf Orlock is hilarious.



206 said...

Fuck yes! Glad you reviewed this - I've been too lazy to rip the vinyl. The album cover for the 12" is all black and gray. I like the colors in the CD version. But the music indeed slays.

Flesh Monolith said...

Yeah, gonna get the vinyl after the holidays when i have some money methinks.

Andrew Childers said...

you're not the only one who missed it. thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

my copy just showed in the mail a few days ago. top ten of 2009 fo sho. the guitar part at toward the end end of the last song is fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

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