Thursday, December 17, 2009

Comp Crazy Finale - This Comp Kills Fascists

Fascist Killers Space
Release: 2008
Type: CD/LP /7-7" Boxset
Label: Relapse / Deep Six

Timeless. Instant Classic. Oldie But Goodie. Terms of endearment proof positive not that the collective output of the music industry is a pile of coal stacked higher that Mt Everest - which it is - but that the footfalls of scouring music fans creates just enough pressure to form gems worthy of us scratching the surface for. And there is also a fourth, equally important category which happens to be the subject of this review: Iconic.

Just think about the number of bands who went from relatively unknown to releasing an acclaimed album within a year of this comp. Without looking at the track list we know Maruta signed with Willowtip and released In Narcosis. Weekend Nachos, then a powerviolence act, signed with the mighty Relapse and released the hardcore masterpiece Unforgivable. Spoonful Of Vicodin went from virtual obscurity to releasing their back catalog, a new album, and if that was not enough, found themselves touring Europe - and along the way sharing a few stages with Insect Warfare on their farewell tour. And of course ASRA, who went on to release the punishing The Way Of All Flesh before calling it a day.

And the goodness runs deeper. Grind godfathers Brutal Truth used the comp as a catalyst for their comeback album. Kill The Client, Insect Warfare and Magrudergrind make an appearance. It's essentially the Who's-Who of Extreme Metal Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, on one CD assembled by probably the only man with enough clout in the industry to pull it off: our favorite Defense Contractor, Scott Hull. Rarely has one comp served as a springboard for so many bands to launch themselves squarely into the extreme metal mainstream. But that can be said another way: rarely are so many quality bands available with new material when the right producer comes knocking. It was the perfect storm, and as luck would have it, we the fans are able to reap all the rewards on this iconic CD. Cheers, Mr. Hull. I appreciate you.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Listen at your leisure. Own this fascist killing comp today. The packaging is top-notch: each band gets their own page on the inlay card - and the CD itself features George Bush sucking a dick swastika. And vinyl? Worth every penny, plus shipping. Cheers.


Invisible Oranges said...

I agree completely - this is one of the most notable compilations to have come out in years. Thanks for the refresher course.

Flesh Monolith said...

Was gonna buy it awhile back, but thought the artwork was too stupid. Now that the die hard editions are gone I want it, but don't want the regular version... talk about kicking yourself..

Andrew Childers said...

scuze me, teacher *nerd waving hand in back of class*

asra actually released way of all flesh before this comp... just sayin'

/nitpicky nerdmode

Andrew Childers said...

oh, otherwise, every word you typed was golden. meant to say that too.

and flesh monolith, i'm ashamed of you. go to your room without dinner and think about what you did.

branka said...

Great call on this one, guys, though I'll admit it still bothers me that it says 'powerviolence' through the joint of the jewel case. I've got half a mind to get the 7x7".


206 said...

Busted! Nice catch. For my punishment I will again listen to Grindvirus. That little ditty is growing on me.

Andrew Childers said...

grind virus is not punishment. now joe pesci......