Friday, December 11, 2009

Comp Crazy pt 2 - Obscene Extreme 2009

V/A - Obscene Extreme 2009
Type: CD
Release: 2009 (?)
Label: Obscene Productions

I don't know where this came from. I didn't order it - didn't even know it was for sale. Hell, is it even for sale? Who knows. But to whoever left this on one of my turntables, to stare back at me in the morning like it was my hand-picked disk de jour, you are not getting it back. So don't even ask.

To put it simply, Obscene Extreme 2009 is the business. You have to stick your arm in past the elbow to find the end of this horn of plenty's offerings: 36 different bands (all of whom attended the festival) playing 39 songs in 72 minutes. I half expected to see something along the lines of "arranged by DJ Bullet Belt" on the inlay card. It runs like a meticulously selected iPod shuffle list. Like a radio set some college kid spent two days arranging. It works because the disk has it all: thrash, powerviolence, grind, death/grind and a brutal version of each along the way. Even triggered brutal death grind for that one guy who likes to get a headache from click track blast beats. Oh, and a few unreleased songs, like the lead off track by Municipal Waste.

But what sells it from me is the song selection. I have a few of the albums and splits these songs were taken from: they did not choose the best song but instead the song that best represents the album. So if you like what you hear from a band then you are assured to hear 2-3 other songs on their album you will like even more. Does a number for justifying the expense, should ye be so inclined...

It also did me a favor. I particularly enjoyed the bass assault of Spasm and the accident at the intersection of Powerviolence and Grind that is Slavebreed. Maybe you will be so lucky. Find yourself a new band. Give your thanks to whoever left this at my place.

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