Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And if you're outside of the USA I, as an ambassador of goodwill and festive spirits, I extend my hand to you to partake in our hypocritical but fun holiday.

Turkey, of course being the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, might ostracize those who are limpwristed enough to avoid meat, but regardless of those said limpwristed individuals they make some damn good music.

So I give thanks to these bands, as silly as your vegan/vegetarian view might be, I love your music.

(No time to upload my own rips, as well as my parent's connection is quite shitty, so thanks to whomever I've taken these links from...)

Disrupt-Unrest (Thanks 206)
Excellent album, it's Disrupt, need i say more? If i do, I'll just say excellent pissed off and HEAVY crust, awesome male/female vocals.

Extreme Noise Terror- Law of Retaliation
Still more grounded in modern production and leanings towards death metal, but a much larger hint of their old school sound, so it's a nice change of pace from Being and Nothing.

Their final album, awesome shit. Now and Forever is one of the best Dystopia songs ever. A lot of filler with this release, but whatever.

Nausea- Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 2
It's Nausea...duh.

Attack of the Mad Axeman- Scumdogs of the Forest
206's review's spot on, heavy grinding madness from Germany all in the name of animal rights (the right to be delicious I say). Fun(ny) band.

Aus Rotten- The Rotten Agenda
Everyone whose anyone know who Aus Rotten are, and if you don't you do now. Awesome midpaced hardcore/crust. Vehement and great lyrics propel one of punk's most important albums.

Most Precious Blood- Nothing in Vain
One of the few bands from Trustkill that's actually good, Nothing In Vain was a favorite of mine in high school. Excellent and melodic hardcore in the American vain such as old Hatebreed and the like. Some of these guys were in the ill-fated Cannius, a supergroup of dogs and members of MPB. All bark and no bite...



Unknown said...

No Earth Crisis or Carcass?

Flesh Monolith said...

Don't like either band =/.
Trojan is gotten rid of, don't worry people... thanksgiving can continue.

206 said...

I give thanks that I get to work for double-time-and-a-half. Great links - now I have something to listen to tonight.

Andrew Childers said...

don't like carcass? dun dun DUN!
blasphemer! heretic!
otherwise, i want to be invited to that feast.

Anonymous said...

veggie pride ;) !

Anonymous said...

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