Sunday, November 15, 2009

Desolate One Interview

After checking out Desolate One's demo (you can read the review for the album here) the idea was sprung for an interview, which works out greatly because I've been listening to Conqueror and Teitanblood nonstop for the past week and am in the mood for more Desolate One. Checking in with us is Desolate One's crux, Nuclear Tormentor, as he handles all instruments and song writing.

-Can you give us a brief history of Desolate One? What got you guys to start making music? Is there anything beyond music that inspires you?

NT:Desolate One was formed (not so much formed as a concept that I started on my own) in 2008. I started making this kind of music because I was fascinated with the fire-spitting sound that is in black metal. Countless hours of listening to classic records made me want to give it a shot. Beyond music, I am inspired by ancient times, the future, occultism, death fascination, and the apocalypse.

-I know you're looking to expand your lineup, how is that going?

NT:Not very well. My area has next to nobody interested in extreme metal. There are a few people who can play and would like to be in Desolate One, just because they are bored. But I would only like to play with people who truly appreciate this music.

-The new tracks sound great, much more chaotic and heavier, can we expect more in this vein and less hardcore/thrash infused stuff like we saw on the S/T? The bass is noticable too, I think that really helps.

:Definitely. I think the first demo was a confused recording, though it was great for what it was. I really like the opening instrumental, and a few others like War to the Core (I'd like to redo Possessor's vocals, though). The new demo, "Desecrate the Night", is more of an exploration with the chaotic and crushing sound. I try to make the riffs collide into one another.

-As a band new to the public eye, what have you found most difficult? Do you have any goals in mind as to what you would like to do with Desolate One?

:Nothing's been really difficult. I'm not even sure we are in the public eye. Goals? I just hope to make a decent full-length album soon.

-What is the songwriting and recording process like?

:I write the songs on guitar. I then record the drums first all the way through while reciting all of the rhythm changes in my head. After that, I record guitar and bass. It's usually months before I actually get our vocalist in and finish the tracks.

-The influences are obvious, so I'll skip that, but what current bands are you listening to now?

:Newer releases that are actually decent? Well, I like Revenge, Proclamation, Morbosidad, Teitanblood, bands like that. Been listening to the newest Kraftwerk live album a lot. Beherit's Engram, Profanatica's Profanatitas De Domonatia, the new Pagan Altar albums, and Slayer's World Painted Blood are all great as well, but I still prefer the older material.

-How important is production for a band's release to you?

NT:Production does matter slightly, it demonstrates how the band wants the music to be heard (obviously). Though, production should always take a backseat to composition.

-What's your view on the current USBM scene?
NT:I'm not in contact with very many Californian black metal bands. I have no interest in them.

- Fallen Angel of Doom, INRI, The Oath of Black Blood, Angelcunt, The Return, or In The Sign Of Evil? Why?

:Toughest question yet. All of them are great in their own way. Angelcunt is probably my least favorite of the list, but is still a violent classic. The Return and In the Sign of Evil paved the way for extreme music. Probably a tie between INRI, The Return, and Fallen Angel of Doom for that indescribable esoteric aura that surrounds them.

-Any last words?

NT:Pre-order the Desecrate the Night tape, to be released in December on Darkness Shade Records. Fifty copies will be distributed through Darkness Shade with the cemetery fornication cover, the other fifty will be distributed through Thorn Laceration with a different cover. Support weapons, war, and black metal. Embrace the end times.

Both demos, as well as other goodies (check out those awesome Maniac Butcher rereleases) are available at Darkness Shade Records.


206 said...

This is cool. We need more interviews.

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