Monday, November 2, 2009

DödsÄngel- Helgrind

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Release Type: Demo CD
Label: Self Released
Genre: Crust/Black Metal

Black metal infused with d-beat and crust, how can i lose? While it's nothing too new of a concept, and logically makes sense, DödsÄngel pulls it off exceedingly well. Interestingly, it's a new take on the solo black metal band. Carried out by Trish, who has played with Maniac (of Mayhem fame) in Skitliv, and has drummed live for other bands (Nattefrost), it is interesting to see her on her own.

I really like this demo, some songs are more of one genre then the other, but in the end they're well mixed. The production is completely black metal, sounding much like Darkthrone's Under A Funeral Moon, except the vocals seem to be unadulterated. The cymbal crashes come through in a vibrant manner and the guitars buzz along; bass hums along in the back playing root notes and the vocals stand in front. The vocals are a strained throaty screech which come off pretty decipherable and more crusty like.

The song writing incorporates d-beat power chord affairs to blast beat tremolo shifts and the typical juxtapositions of the said genres. Songs like "Wolven Hatred" depict much more Skitsystem sounding structure where as "The Middle Of The Night" is straight up black metal. The vibe of the demo is great and everything sounds as it should. I'm easily impressed when black metal meats crust, but this demo is excellent. Songs are catchy when they should be, other ones are powerful and carry lots of momentum.

Immediately I was excited seeing what bands she cites as influences: Wolfpack, Skitsystem, Martyrdod and Driller Killer to Horna, Darkthrone, Arckanum, Armagedda, and others; pretty accurate. I'd be surprised if the following material isn't stellar, as this demo is very solid.

Overall very good demo, worth the four bucks. Buy it here



Gravemarker said...

Good stuff

King Cripple said...

I am a big fan of the black/thrash hybrid, so I could imagine enjoying this, too.