Thursday, November 12, 2009

Desolate One-Deoslate One

Released: 2009
Release Type:Demo. Cassette, lmt. 100.
Label:Darkness Shade Records
Genre: Black/Thrash

Right off the bat you should have some clue as to what Desolate One's up to. The name, I'm pretty certain, is an homage to Blasphemy, and songs like "Black Noise Devastation" and "War to the Core" show this black/war metal affinity. Along with the hand crafted imagery and the format of champions you know you're in for a treat.

Luckily, Desolate One strays from the Blasphemy syndrome ("Fallen Angle of Doom was awesome, let's just try to remake that, right guys!?"). The drums are crisp and organic sounding, right up front. It helps to that the drummer is top-notch. The production reeks of a demo, but that's not really a complaint being that it is a demo afterall. The guitars are crunchy and heavy, yet thin enough to stray from the buzzy affair of Blasphemy and Conqueror. The vocals are raspy, throaty black metal vocals, and thankfully not reverberate deep bellows.

So enough comparisons, how does the music sound? It fucking kicks ass. The first track is a little instrumental ditty that jumps from d-beats, to thrash breaks, to blast beats and whatever else you could think of. Think of it as a sampler for the band. And even a crazy fast-paced thrashy solo. I love it already. The speed up part around the end of "Black Noise Devastation" is fucking awesome as well as the main riff of "War to the Core." The honesty in the music is hard to miss and that's a big plus for me.

There are plenty of riffs to make you thrashtards happy as well as breaks and rhythm shifts to keep the pit alive. The music is a bomb of energy and you're about to be blown up. This recaptures the flame of old school black metal perfectly yet adds a nice thrashy twist to break up all those blast beats.

Be on the look out for this Californian act, as they've hit the nail on the head with this one.

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Gravemarker said...

Small correction... I think you meant "complaint" not "compliant". Good stuff otherwise bro.

Orion said...

This was a neat little demo though I think that a thicker production might have helped the album sound fuller and more intense.

War to the Core is a top-notch track though.

I expect that they will continue this style on the next release but maybe increase the production quality just a little.

Flesh Monolith said...

There's another demo available for preorder on the label's site, I agree with you 100% but i'm looking past it because it's a demo.

206 said...

I enjoy the mix of black and thrash. Satanic Stomp metal \m/

Nolan Brownfield, N.T. said...

Sorry, but I've used the same recording methods for the new demo. It will have the same production, but with delay on guitar solos and vocals. The sound is much messier now that I've added bass and more guitar tracks. It will sound much better using pro equipment (which I now have access to, look for a full length in the future). Unfortunately, most of the lovable hardcore riffing is not as prominent as it was in everybody's favorite WAR TO THE CORE. Instead, we take on the "Blasphemy-syndrome", simply because I wanted to, there is even a cover of the song from which we got our name. I was really craving more chaos and drum blast endurance that are on some of my favorite albums. There is one song (the title track DESECRATE THE NIGHT) that was the first song I ever wrote for desolate one. It is in the old style with Sarcofago riffing etc...

You can check out two new songs on our myspace and see if the sound pleases you or disappoints you.

We will start playing live once we find a live drummer (I play all instruments for now, an accomplice does vocals, and we have a bass player who hasn't recorded with us yet.)

Anyway, DSR informed me that you are interested in doing an interview. Anytime you are ready, contact me at


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