Saturday, April 4, 2009

Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence

Release Date: 1992
Label: Century Media
Release Type: Full-Length

Alright kiddies. Face-ripping thrash is the order of the day and I hereby present you Demolition Hammer's Epidemic of Violence. And believe me, this rips. Except not. For a band packing this many headbanging riffs, this powerful a guitar tone, this much double-bass blast runs, this many blistering Slayer-esque solos, these guys don't shred your face as much they completely fucking cave it in. Yeah, that's about right. These guys are armed to the teeth with riffs, and almost every single one of them will make you headbang like a maniac, provided you aren't afflicted with some disease of the bone which rends you incapable of showing your appreciation for thrash metal in the simplest and most common way. In that case, you should just try and try not to give a fuck about the consequences. This is music best listened to with a bottle of beer in one hand, horns raised high with the other, and your neck and head in constant headbanging motion.

Show your appreciation for this fine headbanging masterpiece by doing some fine masterful headbanging.

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Gravemarker said...

Good stuff man, much obliged. I saw the link in your sig at M-A. I'll come visit once in a while, drop me a PM or something when you post a few more albums. I also have an uploading site, come visit it, man.