Monday, April 13, 2009

Burdens - Burdens

Release Date: 2008
Label: Unsigned
Release Type: EP

I’ve been on a lovely little hardcore binge lately and Burdens is one of the better bands I’ve discovered in the last week or so. The Cursed-isms are heavy on this release, from the sledgehammer guitar tone to the biting lyrical diatribes and the fierce snarl they are spit out with. “Fit for Swine” opens the EP with a pounding riff roughly equivalent to a dropkick to your gut while “Thunderhawk” swings with a sharp vocal hook backed by a pounding rhythm. "Less and Less” is a minute long fusillade with its fire pointed against the self and closer “Power Trip” rails against the tyrant’s hand with seething rage and climaxes with pounding guitars and venomous spite.

A couple of the songs err when it comes to cutting some great moments short, but that doesn’t cripple the record. These guys still have much time to develop their craft. Overall, Burden's attack has as much wrath and fury as it has hooks and for me, that qualifies for a release worth listening to.