Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 Victims - Demo

  1. Butchered Cunt
  2. Painful Awakening to Lunacy
  3. Inseminating Sufferance
  4. Ridiculous Accusations of Contradictory Ideas Suppressing Thou
  5. Insanely Hypocritical Retaliation
Hardcore is still taking up all my listening time lately, though when I put on something metal, this band is usually what I listen to. 3 Victims is an Australian trio that plays a vicious blend of brutal death metal and grindcore. There are slam riffs a-plenty, as well as some tremolo-picked riffs which provide a decent distraction until the next slam riff comes. The vocals are the ridiculously low, pitch-shifted sort, which are anathema to some, but tolerable for me. The best aspect of this demo however, would have to be the drumming. When their drummer isn't feverishly pounding away behind the tremolo riffs, he's augmenting the slams with a powerful combination of fast snare blasts and rampant cymbal bashing. 'Tis some pretty good shit, this demo.

Check it out.