Monday, April 26, 2010

To Live a Lie

So yeah, we've got a spanking new review from the stalwart of grindademics, 206, the return of Axel with a brutaler than thou review and me, with a useless post.

I looked into Insidious Torture's Lust and Decay but I couldn't see the point in reviewing it as it's decent brutal deathmetal that is more grinding than churning; but nothing worthy of a review. Instead I'm turning back to a gem of 2007, In Disgust's Reality Choke.

Only putting out a comp of all their material in 2009, In Disgust have been slacking. Hopefully the Sharks's(my western conference fav and pick for the cup) success will goad them to releasing something soon. They have 5 releases pending, one of which is a split with PLF, which should be awesome.

Reality Choke itself, is 15 songs clocking in just over 11minutes of low gurgles, ear-piercing shrieks, thick guitars, and relentless blasting. Treading a fine line between power-violence and death metal, In Disgust implore excellent build ups that pay off in beautiful furies of blast beats and endless shrieks. Similar to Insect Warfare in song writing and riffs, In Disgust carry a more heavy and urban vibe, relying heavily on shifts in rhythm to really bludgeon you.

Pacing, riffs, moments of feedback and no remorse make Reality Choke one of my favorite "fast" eps, and by that I mean anytime I want something with energy, animosity, or anger I turn to Reality Choke. "Cali Smile" is a brutal build up of a song that pays off in "Shoulda Known," a furious, fast track.

If there was ever a recording to listen to whilst walking up and down the street smashing everything and everyone with a sledge hammer it'd be Reality Choke. The cover says it all, life is fucking filthy.

Band's Site
Reality Choke

Oh, and a bonus while I'm talking about bands that thrive off my inner tough guy and seething anger, here's a little diddy from Weekend Nachos who have a song off their upcomming ep on their myspace. The new track's okay, much slower and more mosh oriented. I don't know what John's really saying, if it's a joke, or if it's real or whatever, but i find it amusing.



206 said...

Such a tease. For a sec I thought you picked up the 2010 TLAL sampler - which I want but am waiting for the new Shitstorm split too so I can save on shipping.

Flesh Monolith said...

i didn't even know about it, def going to check it out. tlal is a solid label.

Andrew Childers said...

sharks, huh? i would have thought so too but they looked like creamed crap on toast against the avs. chicago and detroit both need to die in a joint death pact so i guess i'm left with vancouver in the west and anyone who can beat washington in the east.

Flesh Monolith said...

Haha, yeah the sharks picked them selves up, a bit, hopefully they do better. Seems the only blowouts were in the east, if the Flyers go anywhere i'll kill myself, fuck philly. I was rooting for the Sens, but crysbaby is too much i suppose.
Buffalo V sharks is what i'm after.

andrew said...

i hate the sharks. i hold them responsible for that whole wave of shit-tastic sunbelt teams that sucked up the league in the 90s. well the sharks and shit sack gary betman. florida does not need two teams. california can have two only if they bring back the golden state seals.

i'll hold my nose for philly only because of danny briere and chris pronger.

206 said...

Caps might not even make it out of the first round. Sharks are the trendy pick. Are the Penguins going to win again? Looks like it.

Flesh Monolith said...

The only eastern teams i was rooter for were knocked out. I don't want the habs, flyers of penguins to win.

I've liked the sharks for a bit, but i think it was me as a young kid who liked the logo. It'll prob be the pits in the east, Ottawa put up a good fight though. Fleury ain't anyhting special though, and the caps don't know how to mind the goal.

Unknown said...

I don't even know where to start.
In Disgust rules. I'd kill for the cassette version of this, then again I don't have the 10" either.
Why the fuck is hockey so political? And people tell me the sport I do is weird.

branka said...

I have both the tape and the 10" and they're both in constant rotation (tape stays in the car and record obviously at home). This band is absolutely killer live. There were no flying trash cans when I saw them but I got some very satisfactory bruises!

Anonymous said...

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