Friday, April 2, 2010

Sayyadina and the digital law of the land

This space used to be reserved for a review of the latest Sayyadina comp. First the preview link was taken down. No big deal. Then I got a DMCA email stating the review was breaking copyright law. How? With no download, the rest of the info is in the public domain, namely the band's MySpace and the Relapse web store.

They place the post in draft status and asked me to remove the offending data. Since there was none, I deleted all the comments (where the link used to be, along with disparaging remarks about a half-assed album by a really good band) and put it back up.

But now, today, I get another email about this post and again it's in draft status. So, even though there was nothing in the post that was not made readily available on the band's website, I am killing this post. It can't be Relapse, as they have been cool about everything else. So it must be the band.

Either way, if it was "you": fuck you. And until I know who it was, I refuse to support a band that brings the hammer down on me for encouraging people to buy their records.

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