Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paranoid Existence

Shitstorm - Paranoid Existence LP
Format: Cassette / LP
Release: 2010
Label: RSR / Vinyl Rites

This is a back catalog of sorts - the material has already been released on splits and comps between '04 and '08. The big deal here is that the band had to cancel their supporting tour - meaning 100 test pressings are available for sale. The fuzzy image below is #59, now in the property of yours truly. Not sure if they were sold in order (only 41 left! Act Now!) or if the guy is grabbing at random. But there is also a printing of 300 proper albums which are available through other sources. And for those still living in 1989, the cassette was released on RSR.

In other news, the split with Conga Fury is actually going to be released this year as well - after three years of waiting. Two Shitstorm items in the same year? Is the Mayan calendar ending early?

Putting the nix on convenience, the output ports on my mixer shorted so I can't rip this. Luckily for you, these songs are already floating around the interwebs. The collection contains their songs from: This Comp Kill Fascists Vol1, Split with Gentle Art of Chokin', Self Released Tour EP (dig it up) and their split with Sloth (ditto). For those of you who were not with us last year, please listen to and then promptly buy their split with Magrudergrind.

Once you have accomplished this, come back and answer my one question: why is Shitstorm so criminally overlooked? Is it just me? Or is it, along with Gate (who play a similar style and are similarly ignored) all due to a lack of material? It's not because of Torche, is it?


Flesh Monolith said...

i hope you're not playing that test pressing, as the whole point is just to be a cool collector.

While you're a real person in society, I'm so busy it ain't funny. I promise something in the future, I have not jumped ship.Typically I have 10-12 hour days of class/work.

206 said...

we go in waves. i took jan-feb off now it's your turn for a holiday.

Loathsome said...

This tape is released by Ricky from Torche's tape label RCP, exclusively distributed by Hydrahead.

Unknown said...

Avi of Magrudergrind told me the only way to find a Shitstorm split is to find it on eBay. He didn't actually say those words, it was more like "We're totally sold out and have been for a couple years" as I'm sure Willowtip is.

206 said...

Interpunk has the M/G split and the 7" with Gentle Art Of Chokin'. The old shit is hard to find but that M/G split will never sell out.

Anonymous said...

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Tyler Bronis said...

can you repost this link? i cant find it