Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cassette Casualties Part I

So I've been torn between school work, personal matters, Trailer Park Boys and NHL '11, so it's been hard to get at this blog; but here I am. What I've got in store are two awesome casette's that I had the good fortune to hear.

First up on the chopping block is Spewtilator's Get Conjured ep

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If you're uncomfortable cutting your hockey mullet, replacing your Wehrmact and Morbid Angel tapes or unwilling to play anything but your SNES then Spewtilator's latest ep might alleviate your temporal anxiety.

Gloriously fun and frantic, Spewitlator are a brilliant homage to the sounds of the 80's. Quintessential thrash riffing tied together with mosh breaks and outburst blast beats offer something for everyone. Vocals shifting from nasaly shrieks to guttural belches keep up the dynamic and fast paced nature of the band. If you heard their excellent debut ep expect a bit more of a death metal influence with this one.4 songs that breeze by quick, Spewtilator find ample ways to make it attention grabbing and fun; not to mention nailing the perfect kind of production for this kind of music.

Ordering details here, support good dudes playing solid stuff. Keep a look out for the band as they prepare for a new 7" that promises to be good (I've got the inside scoop).



Andrew Childers said...

i just got that in the mail but it took me so long to find a cassette player i haven't had a chance to give it a listen yet.

meanwhile, while my suck ass blues won't make the playoffs, i'm sound happy to see doug armstrong dump dead weight from the team. the erik johnson for chris stewart trade has made my year so far. if they can get their investor situation straight and invest in a quality center 2011-12 should be a good year.

Flesh Monolith said...

I've been using my sister's old walkman for awhile, it's a funny one though cause it came out right as tapes were being phased out, so it's super high-tech for a walkman, but so outdated.

Got some other tapes to get around to though.


Seriously man, Stewart's a great catch. Shame the Blue's really fell apart. Liking Backes though, seems to work hard.

Happy the Rangers avoided any dumb big money names. In 2 Years I think they'll be a pretty solid team, need to dump Drury, Redden, and Gaborik and get a playmaker.

Andrew Childers said...

i'd be happy to see drury head west cuz that dude was an insane playoff performer for colorado, captain clutch.

now if only the blues can get halak to stop a damn puck they might be in good shape.