Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Nachos- Black Earth

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Label: A389 Records
Release Date: March 2011
Release Type: 7" EP
Genre: Power Violence

Striving for the balance they found on 2009's Unforgivable, Weekend Nachos bounce back from the lackluster Bleed e.p. and hit home with this one.

Black Earth is a short, jam packed e.p. totaling 4 songs just over 5 minutes.As mentioned earlier, I found Bleed to be a let down as it had the animosity and heaviness I loved of Unforgivable but lacked speed and variation, making it overall a bit boring. This time around they band keeps it's focus on unbelievably heavy guitars and beat down sections but thankfully intersperses plenty of faster and more typical power violence outbursts. Flurries of blast beats lead into intense mosh sections introduced with harsh feedback and cascades of cymbals. As far as song writing goes I'm sold with this one.

And while the band regains the form that they do best, the singer still seems to be struggling with his voice as it sounds artificially distorted and quite different from the last two releases. This is a sore point as the vocals hamper the release overall and are not up my ally. To go further, it's a sorer point if this is studio magic as the vocals dramatically shift throughout the band's whole discography; the tough guy barks from Unforgivable are gone (which was a huge part of my enjoyment). Seriously listen to the band's discography and the vocals will be recognizable but drastically different each time.

Worth a buy for sure, but I have my axe to grind with those vocals. Their next full length promises to showcase both "Black Earth" and "Friendship," while "Priorities" is a redo from This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. I and the last track, "No Saints" is an unrecorded oldie.

Pick it up from A389's site.


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