Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fell Voices - Untitled

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Label: Gilead Media, Howling Mine
Release Type: LP, Full Length
Release Date: March 2011
Genre: Black Metal

Fell Voices, containing ex members of Mohoram Atta and Centipede, are taking the proper route this time around with the reissue of their CD-R only release thanks to Gilead Media and Howling Mine.

Fell Voices play a long, winding, stream of black metal much in the vein of Wolves in the Throne Room, Leech, Skagos, and the like. The vast sprawling composure of their new LP spans two songs and over forty minutes, allowing for all kinds of twists and turns, winds and falls, and always with momentum. It's a hard thing to keep someone listening for twenty minutes straight, yet that's never an issue with Fell Voices as they deftly craft songs earning the quality of epic. Every snare hit, cymbal crash, note and piece of feedback has its place; it's a rare feeling of cohesion that allows the listener to blissfully zone out in a black metal daze.

The record itself promises to be a real treat as it's heavy black vinyl with awesome artwork, a huge poster, patch, and pin. It's dirt cheap and can be pre-ordered over at Gilead. Also check out the Ash Borer/Fell Voices split being reissued by Gilead Media and Eternal Warfare which is also available for pre-order at Gilead.

No egos, no bullshit, nothing about how evil they are, Fell Voices are a sleeper-cell in the black metal scene and this is their dirty bomb.


Unknown said...

Compared to Krallice and Liturgy?

Flesh Monolith said...

A lot better, more organic sounding, not as "hip" (whatever that means).

But there are similarities, not to Krallice's awful 2nd album, but to the first. Sparse vocals, etc.

Unknown said...

Awesome, I'll try to check them out.
I see what you mean by hip though. Those are the only black metal bands I like though. Meh.