Sunday, January 30, 2011

As is plainly obvious, the frequency of posting on CJ has slowed considerably in the past several months. Now that FleshMonolith, lately our only regular poster, has become occupied with some personal affairs, I think it's entirely safe to assume that there will not be any new posts for a reasonable amount of time (at the very least, until his return). As for the rest of the crew, engagements and activities in our offline lives have kept us from posting (some of us much, much longer than others), so I'd like to extend my thanks to our dedicated readers who continue to privilege us with their attention. I believe that FM's guarantee of an inevitable return applies to all of us, and I do hope you lot won't forget about us before then. I know that Axel and I most likely will not be back before June, however 206, and especially FM, could come back well before then and run this ship singlehandedly as they have done so exceptionally before. As for the bands sending us demos and EPs, do know that we have not forgotten you, and that we are planning to review much of the material you've sent us later down the line. All in all, I'd simply like to extend my thanks once more to all our readers, and assure you that this project will be much more active later this year.

Best regards,


Andrew Childers said...

still just sitting here patiently twiddling my thumbs.




Alex Layzell said...

Absence makes the heart go fonderer.