Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Even Europe's Safe

Words from Gilead Media mafioso/cult leader...

"My swamp-dwelling buddies in THOU will soon be making their way across the Mariana Trench to flatten the old-world on their 2011 European tour. Please do whatever you can to meet them at these locations on these days:

10.06 - Brighton, England at Cowley Club
11.06 - Groningen, Netherlands at Vera
12.06 - Eindhoven, Netherlands at Area 51
13.06 - Leiden, Netherlands at 071
14.06 - Bielefeld, Germany at AJZ
15.06 - Hamburg, Germany at Flora
16.06 - Copenhagen, Denmark at Stengade
17.06 - Berlin, Germany at Cassiopeia
18.06 - Leipzig, Germany at Zoro
19.06 - Praha, Czech Republic at 007 Club
20.06 - Wien, Austria at Arena
21.06 - Koper, Slovenia at Pandamonium
22.06 - Milano, Italy at Dauntaun / Leocavallo
23.06 - Bologna, Italy at XM24
24.06 - Stuttgart, Germany at JH West
25.06 - Versmold, Germany at Cry Me a River Fest
26.06 - Mülheim, Germany at AZ Mülheim
27.06 - Utrecht, Netherlands at dB's CAB-Rondom 100
28.06 - Kortrijk, Belgium at Cinepalace
29.06 - Portiers, France at Le Confort Moderne
30.06 - Paris, France at La Miroiterie
01.07 - London, England
02.07 - Nottingham, England at Stuck on a Name Studios

Bring Josh and Matthew greasy food, bring Andy an
d Bryan vegan food, and bring Mitch lots and lots of comics."


Cryogenic Husk said...

Their EP of Black Sabbath covers is seriously heavy stuff. However, the new album despite being on soooo many "year end" lists only got a once through from me.... I think I need to dust it off again an give 'er a go.

Mia Mossberg78 said...

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