Friday, June 3, 2011

God Harvest - Demo 2011

Label: Unsigned

So JGD at The Living Doorway just posted this up. Guy knows his shit for sure. God Harvest play pissed-off hardcore (what else could hardcore sound like, eh?) and they play it fucking well. "Hardcore" and "demo" put together usually spells bad production, but this release is anything but that. There's plenty of weight and punch in the guitars and bass, satisfyingly enough. Drums are not muffled at all as one would find in inferior releases and run a gamut of blastbeats and d-beats. Demo clocks in at a perfect 11 minutes.

Minimum time spent, maximum bludgeoning achieved.


Andrew Childers said...

the bass... oh god that sweet bass.

God Harvest said...

Andrew! HAHAHA you love the low end. You should hear the tape! It gets worse.


Andrew Childers said...

i'm on an eternal quest for the power violence brown note

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