Monday, May 3, 2010

Blood I Bleed - Massgrav - Split

Blood I Bleed MySpace
Massgrav MySpace
Type: CD
Release: 2010
Label: SelfMadeGod

This split presents two bands playing the same genre in different ways. First up is Blood I Bleed, a band who went from Never Heard Of 'Em to Can't Get Enough Of 'Em status in one trip to Grind And Punishment. They play 11 songs, including three from their previous incarnation My Mind's Mine. And they get right down to business. The tone is metal, the approach is thrash, the final product is a relentless grind of hyperblasts over riffs bordering thrashcore. They also have a barrage of crust riffs at their disposal. There's an odd slow passage or two, most notably the final track, and the band gathers their strength between a fair amount of well-placed feedback. Mastered in the middle of the mix are full throated screams with an extra helping of gravel. This is worthy ear candy for anyone who likes the punk side of grind.

Do I dare even assume you have never heard of the next band? Listening to Massgrav is like finding a handful of early 80s 5" punk singles - but unknowingly playing them at 45 RPM. They are not simply tuned like a punk band, they sound like the fastest punk band you have ever heard. They are also accomplished musicians who grind and thrash with the best of them. Conceivably you could call them powerviolence. But that's taking the easy way out. My advice is to press play and go along for the ride. Massgrav is perfect for anyone who likes the grind side of punk.

The packaging is nice if you speak Swedish. Other wise you get full lyrics for Blood I Bleed, some random letters strewn together in paragraph form on the Massgrav pages, band photos and some Thank You's. For me that all takes a back seat to the music and this CD has two great bands playing their distinct brand of proper grind. Support the bands, support SelfMadeGod - buy it here.


206 said...

320 reasons per second to buy this

Andrew Childers said...

awesomely raw split. blood i bleed sent me a copy and i've really been digging this.

also, i just learned my minds mine had another two full lengths i'd never heard of before. (three of the songs on the bib side are mmm covers-- can you cover yourself?)

206 said...

Sure you can!

powerviolence said...

The 12" from this CD should be available this month.
A few records left for My Minds Mine, also some split 7" from Blood I Bleed. Act quick before it is sold out.

The reason why there are 3 M.M.M.songs on it is simple:some fans like to hear them on gigs, B.I.B. discovered in the studio that they had only 5 minutes material insted of 6 or 7. LOL

Alex said...

I am afraid with your images.

Anonymous said...

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