Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anion-Corpse Flower

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Released: Feb 2010
Release Type: Cassette (lmt 100)
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Hardcore

First off, I apologize to everyone. I've been stupid busy with school work, work, and everything else you can imagine. So this is quiet delayed, and I feel bad about this because this band deserves the attention.

Apparently an Anion is an ion with a negative charge. "Negative charge" is a fitting term for this band as they've got a lot of energy and it's downright dismal. Anion play a super heavy style of midpaced hardcore. Think about the sludgey tendencies of His Hero is Gone and you're in the right ballpark with Anion.Heavy distorted guitars, a thick cudgel-like bass, a tumult of drums and deep throaty yells are the key components in Anion's sound.

I really like the band's attitude and overall sound. It's dark and heavy, and the style in which it's played is like if doom band cranked up the low end, embodied the doom and gloom of the dark ones and threw in some hardcore riffs. The aesthetic of it all is pleasing and there's some really great riffs to headbang to.

And while I like the band, and want to give them a high rating, the lack of diversity in tempos really brings things down for me. Maybe it's a poor way to begin my cricism, but the band does everything else so good it's really annoying not to hear a single d-beat, polka beat, or even a blast beat. "Nothing to Lose" is the only song that has any sense of urgency to it and it works very well; the band should just take this a step further. The production is amazing (especially if it's a self financed release). It's absurdly heavy, clear, and dirty: my favorite. But all the icing in the world doesn't hide the fact that the batter itself is lackluster. It's really annoying because I do like this band a lot from what I've heard. I'm completely serious, if the band just went above mid-tempo, or incorporated a d-beat at least three times in this four song demo I'd be willing to give it an A+

This, of course is their only recorded material, so there's a lot to look forward with these guys, and they seem to play their asses off, so try and catch them! They've generously supplied a download which of course leads me to the cassette itself. This thing is beautiful and very limited! buy it if there's any left (along with their super cool merch)!

Take a listen for yourself here.



Andrew Childers said...

you nailed it. a little variety could have gone a long way with this one.

absenceofsleep said...

Thanks for the review! It's the first 4 songs we wrote so things were still coming into their own a bit and I appreciate the feedback. Stay tuned for a 7" of newer material in the Summer. Thanks again and keep it fucking filthy!

Cole - Anion

Anonymous said...
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