Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vaginal Bear Trap - Slow Jams

VBT Space
Release - TBC
Type: Mp3 / CD (maybe?)
Label - TBC

The first images that come to mind when I ponder what a vaginal bear trap might look like are humorously disturbing. It can't be made of metal or plastic or else only a starving bear would come within a mile of it. And who wants an emaciated bear skin rug? So what else could it be?

Fucked up imagery and cool name aside, Texas three-piece VBT is a good band. Beyond the grind essentials they bring a little bit of everything to the table on Slow Jams. A fair amount of March, Stomp and Groove. Some Thrash breaks tossed in for good measure. Lots of double bass. And more palm muted riffs than you can gnash your teeth at. So yeah, best of luck pigeonholing these guys into any sub genre. The music grinds. No question here. I never read the lyrics, so I'm not sure what the subject matter is, but if the seriously awesome song titles are any indication then a gore tag may be in order. "Abortion, Apple Pie & D-Beats," "Menstrual Gravy" and "Climaxipad" spring to mind.

I have only nice things to say about the music presented here. The production is great. The riffs keep moving and the band is tuned much closer to thrash than to death or gore - so the bass stands out and their crust/punk bits have more credibility. I enjoyed "Eternal Hangover," "Abortion, Apple Die & D-Beats," the short but sweet "Crystal Meth Mountain" and "Stream." The old-school, proto-death metal vocals are also a plus.

The only issue I take with VBT is in their sample selection. I know this is a personal thing. Some will laugh at them. Some will enjoy them. And who knows, maybe they jive with the lyrics. I simply hate where most of these samples came from. To me they're incongruous. But I really do like the tunes so I'm going to get the CD (if it's ever released). And if the band doesn't mind, I plan on ripping it, removing these samples and burning a proper disc.

A band-sponsored download is available here. Get your jam on.


Andrew Childers said...

just based on the names of the first three links, not a shot in hell i'm clicking on any of those.

206 said...

They are safe for your machine. Not sure about your eyes tho.

Anonymous said...

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