Friday, February 12, 2010

The Mail Order Blues

I'm singing 'em. I prefer funk though, so I called in Clyde Stubblefield to play drums.

So here we are approaching the ides of February and I have no new tunes. What gives? One mail order got lost by the US Postal Service. The other order was a screw job. I placed the order, then got an email two weeks later stating they didn't have any of the items. They convinced me to wait two weeks while they tracked everything down and then admitted failure. Sad times. But when it comes to international mail order I follow the same rule as I do for gambling: only risk what you are able to lose.

So what have you been listening to? Do you ever go through rough times, when new music manages to evade your every attempt to track it down? When I encounter these phases I usually revert to the classics. The same is true here. Been listening to 80's punk, mostly Subhumans, Discharge and early DRI, along with Bolt Thrower "Realm of Chaos" and Godflesh "Streetcleaner." But between all of this, I get around to my favorite grind band from Poland: Suffering Mind. Poland has quite the grind scene - worth spending an hour between The Archives and friend jumping on MySpace. Off the top, there is Ass To Mouth, F.A.M., Dead Infection, and a certain Squash Bowels.

SxMx is an intense experience. They play raw, dirty crust grind at the speed of hate. The punk influence is strikingly obvious. There is little bullshit, little filler and when they do slow down, it's actually rather welcoming. If any one is looking for a quality, motivating, get up and fucking grind CD, "At War With Mankind" is the one for you. Seriously. Downloading is not enough. That is one to own. Below is all things SxMx. I know the band will probably hate me for this, but they tend to release their tunes on vinyl which is fastly becoming the red-headed step child of media formats. They need to get heard somehow... Shouts to Keep The Grindcore Alive for the Destroy Mankind EP. That's the only one I can't find a physical copy of.

destroy mankind ep
at war with mankind
asshammer split
lycanthropy split
wojtyla split


Will said...

and after you download the split with Lycanthrophy, you can buy it directly from me!

206 said...

That's no joke. The fold out card is great and the songs are even better! While you are there get the Hip-Cops - Gate split.

Andrew Childers said...

are you fucking spying on me? i got a suffering mind post teed up for next week. as well as a special treat from the band. how are you always one step ahead of me?

206 said...

you got an interview? sweet! i'm low on new music and felt they were the prefect bomb to drop on the grind masses.

andrew said...

yeah i got an sxmx interview teed up in the next couple of weeks. but now i'm checking my apartment for bugs and cameras. i know you can see me, dammit.

Anonymous said...

you can also buy a copy of the split lp with asshammer through the labels involved as the release is still available......
legion productions (usa)
bad people rec.(usa)
reformed rec.(usa)
zaraza productions(poland)
addiction to war rec.(poland)