Sunday, January 3, 2010

Protestant- Antagonist

Official Myspace
Label: Halo of Flies/ Blindead
Released: March 2009
Release Type: 7" Ep
Genre: Hardcore

So on the heels of our top tens, the plastic puddle aftermath of my neighbors nativity scene, and the ash of the Yule log, there's only one outcome: a shit ton of records and tapes. Beyond all the horribly obscure black metal I'm sure our regular readers would roll their eyes at, there is one standout out from this holidays season that I can't find a fault with. What release do you ask? Protestant's Antagonist.

Recently I've just been buying on a whim, and I'm batting a thousand so far. I really don't know much about this band, but wide-eyed me was enticed by the promising packaging of the release and its startlingly affordable price (5 bucks I believe). Sturdy cardboard jacket which wraps around the 7" vertically, beautifully printed cover and an enticing booklet makes up the physical representation of this work. The cover, what looks like some classical engraving of Cain culling Abel, on the cardboard with the quality ink raising off the surface is truly impressive.

As I've pushed before, when the product matches the quality of the music I am deeply appreciative and can't applaud them enough. Protestant churns out three tracks of honest to Odin hardcore. Similar to stalwarts like Tragedy and Integrity, Protestant produce fist pumping tracks with catchy and powerful progressions, all of which at the center lie an abundance of great riffs ("Lost"'s refrain is a perfect example). Vehement and emotionally charged, Protestant employ mid ranged rasps female shrieks and an all around excellent vocal delivery. As noted earlier, there's a great deal of progression as d-beats lead to slower breaks, to faster outbursts and what have you. The production is strong, thick, and clear, I couldn't think of any other way to compliment their sound.

A marriage of visual representation and the tonality of the urgent and the dismayed, Protestant produce a work that I can't find fault in. The furious beating of drums, the voracious vocals, the riff work which enthralls me further, all of it encapsulates a band that has a vision and has executed it perfectly.

"we either drown complacently in all the bullshit or spend our whole lives swimming in search of meaning."

An expression of disdain, disgust and repugnance at our culture, our society, our world and our creation, Protestant acts as an outlet not just for these honest musicians, but a listener in the same boat. Genuineness is not something to be underestimated.

Buy from many different distros, the band's myspace, or Halo of Flies.



Andrew Childers said...

i've been meaning to snag this. i hear it's a graf orlock side project. does it sound anything like ghostlimb?

Flesh Monolith said...

Hmm, i don't think there's a connection between the two bands...

Vocals are much different, Protestant's are a lot more metal, infact Protestant borrows a lot more from metal then Ghostlimb. Where Ghostlimb's pretty much straight up hardcore, Protestant's more melodic and has a heavier darker sound.

Anonymous said...

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