Monday, August 9, 2010

Vomitous - Surgical Abominations Of Disfigurement EP

Released: 2010
Label: Sevared Records

Hey guys. So recently I just realized in my boredom-induced summer stupor that I still was part of this blog and that it had been about fourty dog-years since I last wrote something for it. Technically I didn't write this review for Chainsaw Justice, but it still is something written by me, so I hope it counts for something. Anyways, it's a review I wrote for Extreminal webzine The original review can be found here.

Hope ya'll like your slam.


When it comes to putting out quality old school death metal albums, Sweden has always been top dog. When it comes to brutal death metal and slam though, Sweden seems to lag behind. Vomitous set out to change that.

Vomitous have been around since the turn of the decade but only became active and began putting out release until 2007, which saw the release of a split with American slam band Inhuman Dissilency. It was a solid piece of Devourment-worshipping slam, with the only major flaw being poor drum production.

2009 saw the release of a two-track promo available for download on the band’s Myspace. Originally they had a full-length slated for 2010 release. Vomitous didn’t manage to put it out, but this four-song EP is still a treat.

Anders Johansson vocals are as savage and guttural as ever. He manages to hit the “induced-vomit”, Angel Ochoa-esque low while retaining powerful clarity and enunciation. Unlike most vocalists, Anders doesn’t simply puke out monotone, “urghss” and “errghs”. His vocal patterns are dynamic and varied, but catchy and complement Michael Bergström and Christian Lundgren’s chugging riffs and slams perfectly. If Anders’ vocal power and versatility weren’t enough, tracks one, three, and four all enlist guest vocalists from fellow brutal death metal bands, included one Mike Majewski of Devourment fame, making Surgical Abominations Of Disfigurement one hell of audio feast for anyone with a liking for guttural vocals.

Any previous problems with poor drum production are mostly gone with this EP. The bass drum is unfortunately triggered, but it and the snare drum punch through with excellent clarity, carefully augmenting the grind-esque blasts as well as the groovier slamming sections. The sharper tones of the cymbals manage to cut through the heavy layers of bass with equal effectiveness.

When it comes to riffage, the guitar duo Bergström and Lundgren keep it either slamming and grooving, or skin-flaying and fast. The opening slam of first track “Deranged Entanglement Of Severed Heads” instantly recalls classic Molesting The Decapitated-era Devourment riffage. Song tempo alternates between groove-conscious mid-pace and fast blasting that would do most grindcore bands proud. Rarely do Vomitous lapse into slow tempos, with the exception of the funeral slam (fast slams which gradually slow to tank-tread pace) of the first track which is excellent lead into with a short solo bass riff.
Like most slam bands, Vomitous don’t write terribly memorable individual songs, but they definitely do succeed in writing slam that keeps your head banging for the duration of the EP. The listener might not recall the specific nuances of these songs until after a couple attentive listens, but ultimately the desire to gorge themselves on more slams will be there. And when it comes to bringing the gore grooving slam, Vomitous do indeed deliver.


Here's a download link because I know you guys will still get this somewhere else if you don't find it here. Might as well have shit sorted out nice and neat with the cover art and all for you fine people anyways.


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Really great EP here, and goddamn the artwork is awesome. Nice one, Axel.