Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jesus Ain't In Poland - Holobscene EP

JAIP MySpace
Release: 2008
Label: Self-Released
Release Type: EP

It only takes a modified syllogism to describe this EP. Let's start with the sound/vocals established by Nasum on Inhale-Exhale. If you like that sound, you will like this band. Now let's look at how that sound was successfully employed by the likes of Rotten Sound, Afgrund and Gadget, etc. If you enjoyed how they used the sound, you will enjoy this band. And finally, if you can acknowledge that, in reality, all of those bands have their own unique vibe (thus making Nasum not the foundation, but the point of departure) then you will both like this EP and be just as eager for a full-length as I am. It really is that simple. But logic does not work on everyone, so I will continue...

Italian grinders Jesus Ain't In Poland do not mess around. They rip through 10 songs in just under 15 minutes. And they do it so well that the track list cycles through before you even notice it. Not that, mind you, all the songs sound the same. This goes beyond their tone; beyond the riffs or the moments that remind you of the great grindcore bands - it's their intensity that keeps you listening. This is the intensity of a band that understands grindcore, as opposed to the intensity of a band that plays beyond their ability in an effort to sound "brutal." The moment when this rings true for me is track three, "Cyclop." It is not the best tune on the EP; in fact it is only 25 seconds long. It's the beginning, the vocalist's raspily growled "Cy-clop!" that lets me know I was too busy enjoying the first two songs to notice I just heard them 15 minutes ago.

Of course, I can see you now, staring at your media/cd player waiting for track 10 to end. Don't worry - you are the exception to the rule. This EP is eminently listenable, much like Mumakil's early EPs - which were so good they reappeared on Customized Warfare and no one complained. JAIP are welcome to do the same once they get enough material for a full-length together.

In their MySpace blog is a link to the site hosting a free download of their EP. I recommend the songs "Infibulation", "Habemus Napalm" and "Saft, Blut Und Scheisse" so you can get a good idea of where these guys are going. But you might as well grab the whole thing.

Let me say that another way: They not only want you to download their music - they went out of their way to provide you with the link. Makes me like them even more.

(Axel Sikth: Because the download was so stupidly messy I took the liberty of correcting the tracklist and songtitles, and reuploaded it on Mediafire. Here's the link. )


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Hey you freaks, here's the right link, download and share.

Rigetto - JAIP