Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Day Everything Became Nothing - Le Mort

Release Date: 2003
Label: No Escape Records
Release Type: Full-Length

Life has been getting in my way recently and I've been swamped in shit, despite the school year coming to a close. I've got finals coming up, so I'll probably be busy pretending to study the next week or so, but after that I've got plenty of times on my hand. Most of it will probably be wasted on playing video games, paying off my sleep debt, and dicking around in general but I'll make sure to devote some time to maintaining this little blog 'o mine.

Anyways, enough with the rambling on my miserable personal life. This is The Day Everything Became Nothing's Le Mort. Goregrind with a serious sense of groove. The gurgly burps and belches (that's not what they really are, fortunately) characteristic of the genre are here as are the ridiculously downtuned guitars (I think these guys play in A). I don't know what the lyrics or, not that I really care either but I think it's safe to gues it something about gore. There's a bit of speed injected in here to well, grind things up a bit, but really, the shining attraction of The Day Everything Became Nothing's sound is their grooves.

"Naked" swings in with its mean grooves and blasts after a throwaway intro track. The blasted part is fine, but the moment that groove hits, now we are getting somewhere. Despite how downtuned the guitars are, they still manage to retain plenty of crunch and clarity. It never descends into a muddy, shitpile which I am quite happy about.

"Horror" is another fine track here. Not much to say except it has sweet grooves and nice riffs. And it's nice and heavy of course. Hell, that description right there could fit with pretty much any other track on this album. Not that this album isn't worth saying much about but really, heavy,groovy, crunching, and catchy pretty much sum it all up. And since I'm such a lazy dick, I think I might as well end this review right now. Blargh. Anyways, enjoy. Good shit, I guarantee you.



Gravemarker said...

Here I am.

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Taverowski said...

Great shit, thanks!